Imagine your mind as a piece of paper with all your thoughts in fine lines of clearly distinguished words. The background is the colour of indifference and the margins are wider than the atlantic ocean. This is when you should be scared.


When your mind looks like this:

is when you have the opportunity to be creative. Juggle the words, change patterns and put some colour where it doesn't fit. When it gets organized, you mess it up again.

tried and true.

If you want pleasure in you ears, I suggest you head over to itunes and check out Avenue 52's new (and first I might add) EP. They're rocking 5 epic songs, cannot go unheard, I'm telling you.
Go go go !


Hey Gloria, are you standing close to the egde?

Gloria, Viva La Gloria
You blast your name

In graffiti on the walls

Falling in broken glass that's

Slashing through these spirits

I can hear it like a jilted crowd

Gloria, Where are you, Gloria?
You found a home
In all your scars and ammunition
You made your bed in salad days
Amongst the ruins
Ashes to ashes of our youth

She smashed her knuckles into winter
As autumn's wind fades into black
She is the saint of all the sinners
The one that's fallen through the cracks
So don't put away your burning light

- Green Day (2009)


walking on sunshine

Life is laughing with me right now. It's been doing so for quite some time and I'm partying inside.



life is effortlessly glorious

Awaiting confirmation on a billion and one amazing things. I'm getting energy just thinking about the future, getting restless in my fingertips, wanna go now now now, not later later later. I wanna arrange, plan, schedule, book, I wanna get going! Once you've taken one rather drastic move towards something major, you've broken the barrier and your dreams break speed limits. When you get the sense that "this is completely ridiculous and outrageous", drop all your common sense-ish morals and just GO! Because acting on the craziest thoughts is what takes us places.



news of the decade. and lifetime.

one of the biggest inspirations of my lovely life is visiting and my heart just skipped a beat. or 65.



My little french friend knows how to make me smile from ear to... infinity.
Thank you Julie for those kind words on Twitter. You are beyond amazing. Love.



A little reminder for you: an inspiring person is not someone who makes you want to be like them, but a person who brings out the positive side in you and makes you want to find who you truly are; who makes you feel comfortable with that person; who makes you want to pursue a dream; who gives you strength enough to speak out; who motivates your lifestyle; who makes you consider the "impossible"; who pushes your limits; who gives you tools to create with but leave you to the work.



1,2 babysteps

Today I took one step further in the right direction, had a cup of coffee and listened to the sound of the future. What did you do?


true inspiration.

Don't let people affect you,
let them inspire you.
There is indeed a fine line, make it thicker, and take in only what makes your life worthwhile

home is where the heart is.

We got out of the tube, went upstairs. "Excuse me you dropped your glove, darling". And instantly I knew. A one-way ticket to the land of rain and love. I am not expecting miracles or fairytales.


rockstar weekend.

awesomeness- win

I miss you.

living la vida loca. rockstar weekend- we're doing it right. I'm off to have a redbull and consider a journey back in time. Cheers and love.


Vacuuming to the sound of content. The sun is in the sky and it is gonna be a glorious day, pour yourself a coffee put your clothes back on and tell me your name. I'm extremely content today. The snow is retreating, realising its defeat, and the sun rises higher for each day I count down.


chase your dreams and happy you'll be

Big step in the right direction tomorrow.. breathe in, breathe out..
This will be good.


I'm gonna find the way to make it.


The dream is getting closer and more alive for each day.
Today I took one step, tomorrow I'll take another.
Reality slaps me in the face and I smile; I'm not even snoozing from my wake up calls.

Zoƫ and I are having a chitchat about when the day comes. She promised to bring a piano and serenade me with Viva La Gloria as I pass through arrivals at Heathrow.