dear bitch, remove yourself.

The smell of Sweden stresses me out right now. My mind is everywhere but where it should be; on school work. Minor setbacks grew into a major deal and created an ocean of anxiety and tears, which in itself is such a waste of energy! Being worried is the biggest waste of time. There are always ways to fix things, and it's all gonna be fine in the end. But it is a proper bitch to get to that point.. Why is there always a bitch in the way of the fun?

Tomorrow morning I'm waking up on top of my game.
What are you waking up on?

jac vanec.


soundtrack of my saturday.

crying isn't always a bad thing you know.

It's funny, crying, how we are so very reluctant to it, yet we always feel better after shedding a tear. As if one little drop weigh down the entire mind and as soon as it's lifted, we are light as air. We should cry daily, and fly high?


bits and pieces.

Holding on to what’s in the past and reaching so far into what might be in the future- I feel like I’m breaking into millions of little pieces spread out all over the ground I used to call home. Yet I do not wish to gather myself into a whole again as much as I really want to spread myself further out and provide myself with a thousand and one opportunities. What you make for yourself is what you get out of life. No point in trying to put the pieces back together and trying to make sense of its entirety, when you can have loads and loads of pieces making sense, in different senses. Why have one when you can have many? All pieces will make sense eventually.

My walls are taking one step closer to me every day, forcing my pieces to slowly gather, like a puzzle I really just want to smash in the wall; my pieces will be spread in the global arena before they ever become a solid unit. I promised myself that, and I trust the person I call “me”, she has not let me down hitherto and I am proud of her. Getting a slight claustrophobic feeling when I wake up and smell the daylight, my mind wanders a bit, and I settle with the notion of placing one of my pieces in the mellow beauty of a London night.