every now and then

Indeed, and where do we get our thoughts and impressions from? Society.
Are we clueless and powerless creatures unable to stop these impressions from affecting us? No.
How can we somehow alter and change these impressions??
By constantly being aware of the fact that ALL human beings are products of society and their surroundings, and maybe some people have been pushed around in the wrong circles and might not be as fortunate as others with the turns life has taken, or with the insights of life and society. 
Are they bad people? No.
Are they evil people? No.
We all have our stories, and our own battles to fight. It could be wise to take that into consideration.

Every now and then.


heal the world, make it a better place

What matters is your truth, your perception of reality, your mind, what's going on in your sphere. It is not ego, it is to make sense of the world from where you are and where you decide to be. It doesn't come to you, you create it. Everything you think and perceive comes from you and how you see the world. It's not served- it's created. By little you, in that giant globe. You have so much more power than you think, and you're probably wasting that power in thinking it's out of your control.

No darling, start paying attention to the systems around you and you will notice why you feel the way you do. Take care of your mind, and the world.



Resting on my thoughts as if hey were a fence made of steel. Like when you've made up your mind and the decision appears to be set in stone, impossible to alter.



Bom dia, and have a very good one :)

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free to be you and me?

"Hur fria är ungarna att utveckla sina personligheter när allt runt om kring dem är så tydliga med vilka mallar som finns och vilka regler som gäller? Hur fria är de egentligen när de blir bestraffade när de faller utanför ramen för vad som är ok för respektive kön?"
"To what extent are kids free to develop their personalities when the rules and expectations of behavior are already so clear? To what extent are they free when they get punished when they fall out of the frame of what is OK/expected of their gender?". 

Source: http://ladydahmer.alltforforaldrar.se/2011/may/


can I offer you a shot of heroin?

Honestly, I've said it before and I take it I'll say it quite a few more times before I leave this earth:


I will not accept diabetes and other unnecessary megacrap to happen to my loved ones. End of story.


pretty little lies

And then: fat and muscle. The muscle weigh more than the fat. So the scale is telling you lies right in your face. Throw it in the bin. Now.

switch from OFF to ON

No. More. Ego.
No. More. Blindness.
No. More. Numbness.
No. More. Apathy.
No. More. Ignorance.
No. More.

Much. More. Consideration.
Much. More. Awareness.
Much. More. Love.
Much. More. Caring.
Much. More. Health.
Much. More.
Endless actually.


I'm closer to the clouds up here

Yes I know, a semi-old video but nonetheless good. I'm not a fan of Demi herself but it's refreshing to see a stereotypical Disney-star perform out of the standard route, a naked and honest contribution. It's nothing we haven't seen before of course (now all we can ever have is endless reproduction of old influences) but still, it's brave and simply... yeah, honest.



Home is where the heart is

Decisions, oh decisions, and life altering discussions. Walking down a rocky road with surprisingly steady feet and my mind set on what gives me a fuzzy feeling in the belly. Life is changing, my friends.


friday the 13th

No proper words can come out now that my brain is laying on a rooftop, gazing over the city with a smirk refusing to come down.

I let it be for now and let other things speak the words.


we built this body

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cartwheeling myself into the future

I've had this craving lately for raisins and ... cartwheels! So I bought myself 4 packets of raisins, yet couldn't find any quick-fix to the cartwheel issue (at least nothing that would leave me still alive etc).

Enters workout goal! So, my solid goal with the workout (besides doing it for the rest of my life and living until I'm 100 years old) will now be to be able to do cartwheels and handstands again. 

So realistically, I reckon we should be aiming for something like this, yeah?


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