The writing-flow is apparently making a sweet little appearance in the bright light early mornings nowadays, and what else to do than obey. I will get up at 6am, sir yes sir! See you in the AM beautifuls.

live what you love

- What is your plan?
- I don't have a plan, I have a heart and I live according to it.


surfing the sun as it starts to rise

This is pretty much the attitude I'm surfin' on this morning. Hiya!


we, us, you

Waiting for my better half to call. Never enjoyed doing nothing more.


1,2,3, four

1. Create a kick-ass playlist. The kind that blows your mind, and have you go "!!!!!" for each song.
2. Place yourself underneath the window, with a cup of coffee and happy thoughts.
3. Open a word document and enlarge it so it takes up the whole screen. Nothing else exists.
4. Write until you mind goes blank. And don't put a dot on the last sentence, cause this is not the end


the heart never lies

The melodies, the harmonies, the words, the chords, the rythms, the tones and the beats. They have been there for me, with me and in me for all these years of ups and downs and rights and lefts...and wrongs. When smiles have almost broken my face and when I've found myself in complete darkness. I will never be as grateful for anything as for the support these melodies have given me, and tonight I'll lock myself inside the notion of this never ending support, in my little bubble of longing for the people I love until my heart almost beats out of my chest. In 49 days there is no Europe in between, for a while. Until then, I'll let the melodies caress me to sleep.


sang fezi, is what the world needs to come down to

you know that tingly feeling in your belly?

She finds happiness in things that most people seem to neglect. A stroll down the street to work can give her tingles, a sudden rain shower or perhaps a funny shaped leaf. The feelings strikes her every now and then when she least expects it, simply because most of the pleasure stems from her daily life in its simplicity, when no effort has been made.



I go powerwalking with the dog during the first 30 minutes of my day, I make myself a smoothie and glance out the window. Maybe I'll go lay on the roof for an hour before work, I think.





Shared some sentimental moments up on our roof with roomie who's leaving in a week. Time flies when you have the best view in Lisboa and the world sings love songs for each step you take down to work.

word document. kings. smoothie. coffee. sunday

good morning, you


just be free

We had morangoska next to rebels on a wall in Bairro, we had beer under vibes of tradition next to the pink church in Santos. Then we lived in the midst of old classics in Bica street with mustaches glued to our faces. This Sabado was sweat, sun and rock n roll. Kings of Leon's sex is on fire and my heart goes badunk-badunk.



Alright so I'm out on a jog in shorts and a tank top at 7.30am and BAAAM, I fall and slide along the concrete. Sweet. The most interesting detail is that a part of my thumb actually fell off and my knee has started to grow another... knee... Absolutely magnificent. It's actually kinda funny how I manage to jeopardize my precious life on a daily basis nowadays. But as long as my soul isn't wounded my little body can handle a few scratches, I'm sure.


never try this at home.

I usually don't write "today I did this" type of entries, but today was just too stupid for words. Well let me tell you JUST how stupid I actually am. Ok so I'm going home on my lunch break to eat and walk the doggy, and as I close the door behind me, as I actually see it (in slow motion, of course) smashing behind me I realize I don't have my keys. Something I've been dreading since I moved in as the door is self-locked and no one has the key besides my roommate who was away today. I have 25 minutes left of my break, the doggy with me and HAVE to go back as we lose the 100% presence bonus if we miss work and I would have to sit outside for hours and hours and hours waiting, so I search myself fivehundredgazillion times in hope to magically find the keys on me somehow (fails). I then start to hysterically ring every door bell in the hallway, maybe someone can..eeh...help me? Or...something? Not that they would be able to get in to my apartment or anything, but you know, a woman in panic is a woman without logic, so there I went running up and down the stairs with a slightly confused dog. Then when nobody was home, I realized the construction building/thing outside the building. I shook off the thought as fast as I got it as we live on the 4th floor (top floor) but the panic made me realize I have my bedroom window open, so I called my boss. "Hi, I locked myself out, I'll be a little late back , I have to climb 4 stories to get to my house, okeeey?", and my roommate who was worried to death.

And off I go. Left the dog in the hallway, praying no one would show up, and started climbing. The Portuguese construction-things are neither safe nor easy to master, apparently. When I get to the second floor I change my mind, but looking down I'd rather jump than to climb back as getting to that point already was a complete mission by itself and it would be close to impossible to actually climb down again. So I continue. Realizing I must've looked like a burglar or a suicidal person I started laughing, up there on the 3rd story, I laughed so hard. And then I shook, I shook like a leaf realizing what I actually was in the middle of doing. I have never been this scared in my entire life, and the thought hit me over and over that I am in between the 3rd and the 4th floor, outside on a rusty construction-thing, these are the kind of things people do in movies and the audience keep yelling Nooo don't do that you idiot!!! I repeat: I've never shaken this much, and never been this scared in my entire life. When I reach the 4th floor of the construction-thing I realize I have to pull myself up to the roof, and in order to do this I have to leave the construction-thing and walk out onto the little tiny step on the building, which leaves me with nothing to hold on to, nothing to do, and I start walking on the tiny little edge, 4 stories up and looking down makes me nauseaus, I suddenly want to through up, I have nowhere to go but up as going back down is now 100% impossible. I pass windows, and start to frenetically knocking on them, not that I have any idea what to say if anybody would've opened. They didn't. I see a little peace of brick-thing, and come to the conclusion that it's my ONLY way of pulling myself up to the roof, the roof leading over to my window. So in order to get up, which is the only choice I have now, I would have to pull myself up on this shaky, weak thing that would make me fall down in a second of it broke. I've never been in more of a movie-moment than this before, and decided not to panic but to just, in one attempt (only had one, as I would fall if I failed), pull myself up. Seeing as I'm writing this now, I managed to get myself up and with a lump in my throught and tears in my eyes I ran across the roof on shaky legs to my window, threw myself in there like a ninja and cried like I've never cried before. This was the most horrible thing I've ever done, the stupidest most horrible thing that easily could've killed me in a second. I grabbed the keys ran down to the dog and then went back to work and felt nauseous all evening. Now I'm sitting here with only scratched legs, a blessing if you ask me. Never fucking ever try this at home kids.

(I'm sorry mom).





For some strange reason it seems like people are trying to show happiness for someone by "being jealous" of what they have or what they do.

- I'm going to Spain tomorrow.
- Ohhh I'm so jealous! I wanna go too! have fun.

But, why? In my own little opinion, that's not being happy for someone, it's just being ego. Why do you have to say that you wanna do it too? That's not relevant, focus on the happiness of the other fully instead. I'd rather say "Oh that's gonna be amazing for you, have a smashin' time!!!". But perhaps that's just me.


remember YOU?

You guys I've been thinking, can't we all just agree on spending our energy on amazing stuff like dreams, dear friends and, you know, splendid smoothies and midnight walks? Can we just agree on the fact that what other people think doesn't matter even a little bit? That life is a wee bit too short to focus on constantly losing weight or being bothered by nasty comments from even nastier people? Huh? There are 700000 billion sets of eyes in this world with 700000 billion different minds, it would be awefully time consuming to try and please each and every one of them, when only one single persons opinions really matter. The whole world seems to have just completely lost track, gotten twirled up in a fog of temporary satisfaction. To be a bit more contemporary we can put it this way: all I ever see on facebook these days are people being unhappy with this and that, complaining about this and that.. and when something is great it's due to good weather or being free from work. Please you guys, perspective, the world is an awesome place, you can do whatever you want with your life, if you're unhappy change it and realize all the amazing things in your daily life that do not entail purchases or good weather.

Stop caring about other peoples opinions, live life as YOU want to live life, never ever complain- you can always make a change and do whatever you wish.

As long as you do it for YOU. Pretty p


Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be
I'm thinking maybe you'd come back here to the place that we'd meet
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street
So I'm not moving
I'm not moving

Policeman says, "Son you can't stay here"
I said, "There's someone I'm waiting for if it's a day
A month
A year"

Heart shaped atoll north east of Solomon Islands
"This atoll is favored by the astronauts on the ISS. They sent us this on Valentines day (Feb 14th). An atoll is an island (or islands) of coral, that encircles a lagoon, partially or completely. If you look it up, you’ll find that an atoll is actually the top of an old volcano".


a writers mind at 23.37

When you open the document. The file. Your inner self. You find a satisfaction, a comfort you long for when you're out having almond liquor on Praca Camoes in a too late evening, and maybe you have to leave, just to remain sane.

You're keeping hairpins in Smarties-cartons, you're walking around with boots inside, you turn your bedroom upside down because surfaces bore you.

And maybe you even write blog entries without any structure. Because you don't even read it before you submit it, just like your thoughts in daily life.


You know when the taxi driver is singing along to 60s music all the way home?
Even though he doesn't speak english.
And you know when you don't look at price tags in the store?

Money always comes and goes.

And you know when you paint your nails pink?

Just because it's not your color at all
And you know when you set the alarm at 7am when you don't have to get up until 10?

And wake up before it goes off.

And you know when you hear Hero by Mariah Carey outside the window?

And realize it's the construction workers listening to it.

And you know when walk up your street and stop to laugh at nothing?
Because you just feel so fucking good. For no reason.

You know, that's when.



Here I'm sat, making love to my ever so trustworthy sangria, in the candle-essences of vanilla and "ice cream with sprinkles", thinking about Portugal and Sweden a little bit.

"I pass the open window where a noisy loud family of what has got to be at least 12 people is having the standard saturday lunch. A swedish family sounds like that during the once-a-year gathering dinner. Here, it's going on on a daily basis. They are living loud and openly, every day".

"I'm standing in line at Pingo Doce, 2 older women wildly greet each other with 2 kisses and 50 words. In Sweden, eye contact is avoided and conversations are usually struggling to move forward".

This is nothing but a generalization, yet I moved from one to the other and life suddenly bloomed around me. That's enough for me to generalize, just a little.



Had a call-marathon at work tonight. "90% should be done by 9pm, GO!!!! WORK MINIONS WOOOOORK!!!!" (this was when we were on, about, 75%). We called like there was no tomorrow, and reached around 86% and were sweating like pigs in a sauna. I'm celebrating the effort with bohemia-beer and the thought of tomorrow. Oh the thought! I'm visiting mekka. And it'll be magnificent.

What is magnificent for you? Figure it out, and approach it!!!

Boa noite! Love.



Drinking Lusitano, eating coconut cubes and bawling to Hercules "Go the distance". Fcking amazing song. Will fall asleep in a cloud of red wine and inspirational half-gods. gurdnight.


I spoke to a wonderful person in my life a long time ago about how he shouldn't use the word 'hate' with such ease as it's a horrible and strong word, we should say 'dislike' or similar instead, and at work yesterday another friend said 'hate' quite frequently, so he created a "hate-bucket". If we use the word 'hate' we have to put 10 cents in it. It made me so proud I got a tingly feeling in my belly.