The undoubtedly most epic thing happened today at the gym. I'm on the crosstrainer resembling the niagra falls (with elegance. don't think less of me) and somewhere far far far beyond my blasting music I hear a voice coming from the speakers, saying something about how we're not suppose to use the elevators. Fine by me, I'll be damned if I use an elevator if I find myself below the 347th floor. Like a herd of some sort, people are starting to evacuate. I remove my headphones and hear the same voice: There is a fire in the building, please evacuate, refrain from using the elevators. Oh hale no. My first thought is: PHONE! HOUSE KEYES! I rebel and rush AGAINST the crowd into the locker rooms to grab my stuff. In the meantime, people actually rush out from the showers with towles around their waists! When finally outside, accompanied by approximately 3 kindergarden classes, naked people and sweaty dudes, a staff member gives thumbs up to go back inside. Freakshow of the highest standard I'm telling you. I don't love it when something-awesome-I'm-doing is abruptly cut off like that. I was slightly pissed and sang Cumbaya in my head all the way back up.



In 1806 hours, my life will change.

pic: paperdollblewsaway.xanga.com/


to-do's of 2010.

^ get inspired,
^ explore,
^ discover,
^ walk in 5 forests,
^ live in London,
^ determine what my life smells like,
^ discover soulshaking music,
^ love unconditionally,
^ be curious. alot,
^ get inspired,
^ get inspired,
^ and get inspired,
^ reduce 80% of worrying,
^ acknowledge what makes me truly happy,
^ approach what makes me truly happy,
^ and stick to what makes me truly happy




Sporting a great deal of sarcasm today. It's one of those days..


bad + good = awesome

Good times
Bad times
This is all-
right now
Loving life.

Have you solved your equation?


my dearest, I'll be over in a heatbeat.

It was me and the early morning. We had a nice time, 7.30am and I, I feel like we treat each other quite well, it's a give and take relationship and I like it. After unpleasantly discovering that the gym was closed due to some special event, I had a powerwalk around the world. In the SUNSHINE I might add. Oh hey, I'm happy.

3 months, sharp.


It's redonculous how people let their happiness depend on opinions, weather, tiny little instances of set-backs, semi-boring work places, an ugly picture on facebook, having nothing to do on the weekend and blaahblaah etcetera.

I really don't mind people wasting their energy on unnecessary things, but it would be splendid if they kept it to themselves and stopped looking like emos and complaining because of things that are out of my world to understand.

Screw opinions, go dance in the rain, consider set-backs as strengthening, quit work and pursue your dreams, laugh at that horrible facebook pic, enjoy doing nothing- wake up on top of the world while the rest of the universe is hungover. It's all in your head, make a change sweetheart!



Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” -Abraham Lincoln

I just did a little standing ovation in my bed. Just like that. I think every single person should do one and add a little hallelujah to it. It never hurts to add a hallelujah to stuff. Lincoln is from now on my belief. Some believe in heaven, others in McDonalds. I believe in Lincoln. Bye.


This Century

My wonderful wonderful and fantastically amazing This Century. Make room for the boys in your heart, they will never disappoint you. When you've taken a trip to youtube to check them out, I want you to get back to me about how brilliant you think they are and then I want you to head over to iTunes to get their EP "To Love and Back". Okey darlings?




a beautiful mess.


Cried my heart out to wonderful stuff, had an XL coffee and felt more alive than ever.
I feel like the luckiest motherfucker in the world. And I'm not even rich.