healthy food is not diet food

Imagine what we put in our bodies. Imagine all the fabricates, poison and horrible things we consider "rewards". When someone says "I really deserve this chocolate bar now", or "I've been so good the whole week so I can have this bag of crisps now, it's ok".. it makes me cringe. Since when did the body deserve what's absolutely worst for it? And yes, this ONE bag of crisps won't do shit on your weight, but it's still poison for your body. Whatever you say, whatever reason you give yourself.. at the end of the day it's still poison.

Jesus if I hear the word "weight" one more time.. can we move on from weight and on to health instead? Can we pretty please with sugar walnuts on it embrace healthy lifestyles instead of diets? Hopefully our bodies are gonna be with us for a long time, and I'm planning on keeping mine until I'm a hundred years old! So can we please start caring about our wonderful bodies instead of abusing them with crap food and weird diets?

Like every other fairly normal woman on the path towards getting fit I do of course get inspiration from pictures too but never found people posing standing still just being beautiful too inspiring, but people using their strength, in action, such as:

Can we promise ourselves that we will no longer go on diets, but adapt to a healthy lifestyle where sugar will not be a reward but a very very very occasional thing? If we're addicted to sugar then we seek help and we get rid of it! Alright? We cool? Great :D



leave the world for the rest

You know when you're listening to a new album for the first time. How it's unrevealed, still untouched, still completely unknown. The tingles you get when you play the first song and for the rest of them you're in a parallel universe out of reach for anything that has to do with this world, this lifetime.

And so it goes

I'm locking myself inside the

"Afraid of what they might lose
might get scraped or they might get bruised
You can beg on what's the use

that's why it's called the moment of truth"

 I will see you on the other side.


with the songs that you sing

Pics: Carcavelos, May 2012



you sit and you stare
maybe you are numb, maybe you want to lift your hand just to break the nothingness
but you can't
you have placed your mind on a silver platter in front of you
where it is expected
you have already given in, subconciously
and it takes great courage to pick it up and walk away
but you cannot lift your hand
we are designed that way, it seems
to stare at what we are, with hands tied behind our backs
while expectation is corrupting from all directions
so you sit, and you stare at the platter
would you pick it up and walk away?
no, you would not dare, now would you?

                        - mellowinspiration 14/6


when it gets too loud, too messy

She made herself another one of those coffees in the tall glass, the second of the day but the first one of the rest of her life. Her mind rushed between vague thoughts of uncertainty and she couldn't really decide weather she was happy or slightly sad, or if she was even bordering on utter insanity. How was it possible to have opposite emotions every other second? The thought made her tired, and the weather seemed to even reflect her indecisiveness and she knew she wouldn't get constant sunshine unless she learnt to juggle her emotions in an even rythm. 

How does one know which voice to listen to when all those emotions are trying to drown out each other with a thousand different melodies until you can't hear a word?

The thought suddenly amused her and she wondered why the clouds battled the sun for the space up there, when the sky seemed endless.

- Mellow Inspiration, June 2012