ok honestly..

OH MY GOD OH LORD LORDIE GAAAAWD!!! This heat, ok for real now, it's totally adorable if there is a pool nearby and/or you were on a massive vaca. I am on nor have neither. Would be brilliant if we were able to spread out the above-zero-degrees on the entire year, instead of snow and all that crap in the winter followed by a couple of weeks of torture-like filthy heat we'd be having, let's say, 20dgr all year around. Cool?


it's not always easy, but Mcfly's here forever

Wigan. Greater Manchester borough. Soaked up in what we believe in, a sense of belonging to complete strangers, looking up smiling to grey clouds out of our minds and out of time. We had landed in England again.

Sleeping under the stars again, bugs resembling little dinosaurs, sweetheart security, a let-in going from hell to heaven in a minute, taxis being cheaper than busses, international front row, crying when chairs for the acoustic set were being pulled out- realizing what was to happen, never ever singing the right lyrics in The Heart Never Lies again.

Just look into my eyes, cause mcfly never lies. Because The Heart Never Lies.