you already are what you are, and what you are is strong enough

Gravity is gravity, it doesn't try to pull you down
Stone is stone, can't help but hold its ground

my fairy godmothers

Since I've moved here I've encountered many fairy godmothers. People got each others backs here in a way quite different from Sweden. They have picked me up while crawling on the rock-bottom, provided a little light when I've found myself lost in misty tunnels and the air has slowly started to decrease..
They think in another way, approach life in another way and show love on a daily basis that makes you aware of the gratefulness you should never take for granted. I've experienced that many people here are in touch with themselves and are not afraid to talk about it. Here I have less money but feel more, live more. And that's more worthwhile right there. When I
live I don't have coffees with friends, drinks in the evening and generally spend time with people and do things, that's just details in my everyday life. When I live I approach what I dream of.


it's important you guys

Be gentle with one another, and most of all be gentle with yourself. You are the closest you've got, treat you kindly.


in the midst of her memories, she found herself smiling little bit wider every day and the thunder was in the distant past

love lift us up where we belong

I wish. I wish I was up here now, to support and to comfort, love and cherish. With all the family gathered again, sometimes I wonder what I'm doing down here, when I could be up there.

Tängsta, Christmas a few years ago.


"some people pray, I turn up the volume of my favourite song"

Jesus lord almighty, heatwave in Lisbon today. Gotta start checking the forecast from now on,these legs are furry! (under-estimated the weather gods and sat in the sun at Marques in full workout gear suited for wintertime, bloody dripping down my neck!). Tomorrow I'll be the one in bikini covered in olive oil. Sunbathing-mania season has begun! Yahh mama!



Blablablablbalbalbalbaaaa yaddayaddayaddaaaa MAN am I tired of talking? When your job is to talk all day, sometimes all you wanna do is shut up. This weekend will be spent in silence. With sangria.

And by the way... I just realized an awesome resemblance:

Here's Johnny?


and on that note.. NIGHT!



you get the point.. Guuurdnight!

rock it like you have a constant soundtrack


Until Sunday I'll bury myself in my alternative universe, with the characters, realities
concepts. Things are slowly coming together and by the end of the year it'll hopefully be finished..

It's hard not to believe in yourself when you've gotten as far as sharing your everyday life with the Atlantic ocean


you have to find the light within yourself

He he he..

Morning! Slept about 2 mins as I was distracted by stuff such as the cable TV (!!!!!), getting emotional over the joy for my loved ones back in Sweden (love love love), thinking about the future (thoughts that conveniently enough re-appear around ridiculous o'clock every night), snuggling with the doggy (my valentine) and this morning I woke up to an empty gas bottle.

I don't have the possibility to get a new one until 12 days.

. . . . . . . .

We have a problem. How does one cook when one does not have any gas to the stove?


lighter than air, she chased for her future, on the day of the heart


Yaah monday!


when you've broken out from the imprisonment in your own mind, you feel weightless

Hiking around Marques de Pombal

Sunny weather, AWESOME apartment buildings (daddy?), play buddies, swan hunting and gorgeous views over Lisbon. Yaah!

my boss is the pope

I work in the Vatican.

Oh and I heard you have snow up there now? Cheers!
Where was that when I went home for christmas?!

Snowless :(


today, idag, hoje

We went to Cascais today, had some icecream and witnessed a theft attempt and then rounded the day off with some teenage mutant ninja strawberries in front of tha interwebz.

Hej svej i lingonskogen!

(the title in Google Translate: hi of lingonberries Svej woods. If you're Swedish this is probably the funniest thing you've ever heard, if your not then this probably makes very little sense).

But yeah..

Snuggling with the radiator underneath my leopard blanket (cool points?) after a skypedate with mommy-dearest. Currently butt-on-sofa shaking along with "Shake it like a polaroid picture" on MTV (a party-moment that was slightly ruined by Berlin's "Take my breath away" just now). Don't get me wrong, 90s love songs in my heart forever etc, but they're not exactly party starters..

Anyhow, what are we doing today? WE ARE SURFING THE INTERWEBZ! Just got cable TV/internet installed and have spent the past week surfing in a frenzy (and dreamt of internet while at work. Kinda like longing after a lover.. #pathetic). I've also spent the week zapping through all FIVETHOUSANDGAZILLION channels I'm sporting now. DISCOVERY CHANNEL BABY!!!

(Goo Goo Doll "Iris" just came on, MTV's on a roll! Downloading old love tunes like crazy).

I dont want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand. Aww, gives you goosebumps, no? *reminiscing*

Right so me, the little guy and the flem in my throat are gonna go on a multi-date in the sun now. In that way I won't be feeling guilty for spending the rest of the day online. He he he.


god natt


Bom dia!

And so we're rocking another friday along with a clear sunny sky, atlantic breezes and smiles that can break faces in halves.

Yesterday I faced some stress that almost made me make drastic decisions, I have GOT to practice not to act when I'm stressed.. always always always wait! Honestly.


A bit too fast on the highway

My oh my, did we ride our bicycle a little too far into the woods there for a second? A month without internet is a month where time stands still and the universe is out of order. During this period when all seemed upside down it actually was. I've hugged my family on the other side of the continent, almost fallen in love, moved (again), been broke twice (because of previous point) partied like a rockstar (and realized I'm no longer 18), come to terms with important things about used-to-be important people. Amongst other stuff.

I have a new horizon and new wings.