I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes

A cup of coffee in front of me (the slightly less tasty instant kind that reminds me of home) the doggy snuggled up next to me, the other four-legged furry friend in the other room, job hunting with my dear ladies constantly right behind on the screen, gym bag packed in the kitchen with the painting of our beloved and very much missed old horse and a day with my best darling girl ahead. 

The love is kinda overflowing


closing the gap

My last 2 years:

Bye-Bye snuggles! 


". . . and she felt like she had slowly drifted downwards like a fall leaf and landed safely on her back in cotton"


happy birthday me!!

Celebrating this monumental occasion with a video from my year (yes mine, as I assume I was the only person born in 85) with the one and only authentic royalty:



this is what 10km of running in hills looks like

So basically, without even a hint of irony, I'm running around more or less half if Lisbon...